We are a company specialized in business development and consulting in international markets. CAS is created and led by Carlos Auffray, with extensive international experience since 2000, which includes positions in different companies always dedicated to international trade.  Our passion has led us in recent years to develop and execute operations in many countries, with a wide and expert network of professionals and partner companies. We focus mainly on the pharmaceutical and food sectors, although we have references in other sectors such as health, education, consulting, etc. Our mission is to continue to offer projects increasingly specialized in sectors / markets, through experiences and joint learning.


Our vocation arises from the need to cover a niche of services demanded in two several specific areas:

  • Manufacturers demand to expand to international markets. This step is an adventure and we want to accompany you in the process, help you situate yourself, support you in the beginning and share the experiences together. Our clients support us in more than 20 countries. We bet on projects in conjunction with the right manufacturers, and base our process on providing value from day one.
  • Support buyers in their search and selection of suppliers. Through our extensive network of suppliers at the international level, we base our success on teamwork, on knowing the product that our client demands and proposing the appropriate solutions to each reality question or concern our client has.

We like to base our relationship on trust and professionalism, generating business opportunities where we previously saw problems. We want to go one step ahead of a supplier / customer relationship and create partner relationships (win to win).


We are present in many markets, while covering a wide geographic area, with expert collaborators in more than 30 countries such as, North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Europe, CIS and MENA.

Currently, we have continuous partners in USA, Germany, Dominican Republic, Colombia and others. Our philosophy is to continue to bring value to our partners in markets where our team has the right knowledge to implement concrete strategies.